Adobe Illustrator tips for beginners

Adobe Illustrator can seem like quite a daunting software to use if you’ve never tried it before. It was one that I was hesitant about utilising as it seemed like it required training to properly use it and a time consuming process. However, as soon as I got started and got used to the basic […]

10 Best Tech Gifts Ideas for Christmas 2018

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is almost here!  You’ve already looked at every gadget you can find on Amazon, asked your friends for their opinions, or maybe even sneakily tried to find out what the recipient wants, but no luck…I know what you are thinking let me just jump on Amazon Prime, find the first thing […]

HTTP vs HTTPS: Benefits of an HTTPS website

If you manage a website or marketing activities, you may have heard of secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) certificates. These certificates are installed on a website to encrypt data transfer between the website’s server and the browser. Once these certificates are installed, the web traffic between the web browser and the […]

How to Identify and Disavow Spammy Backlinks

We all know that links from high DA websites to your website are very valuable and vital to have a successful SEO. We work too hard to get those links and make our website better for Google’s eyes. However, when you check your website’s backlinks, you may encounter some links that may not look right. You […]

8 Ecommerce Marketing Tips For Outranking Your Competitors

Do you even realize where your present e-commerce adventure stands? You might have set up a comfortable and nice little store for selling running shoes or might have your own drop shipping business. For that, you have to bring in some new employees for managing all your orders. No matter whatever the situation might be, […]

How I Lost £10,000 From Cybercrime

To start, I feel it’s important to note that this story is written based on an amalgamation of experiences we’ve had as an IT support company. It is unfortunately not infrequent that we meet a business calling regarding a breach of their systems and data or monetary loss. Every business believes cybercrime is something that […]

How to Craft A Winning Mobile Marketing Strategy

INTRO – To stand out and succeed, every business needs a mobile marketing strategy. Yet many are plugging away with their traditional web-focused efforts, or mixing-and-matching strategies with suitably mixed results. Here’s how to craft the best approach that suits your business needs. Consumers are so deeply engrossed and engaged with mobile devices that a […]

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