7 Best IOS 13 Update Features

IOS 13 Update Apple has revealed it new IOS 13 Update within the annual event that it revealed the new iPhone 11 and other big name products. But. The update is coming with an design overhaul on various apps and a large push put into the inbuilt editing software. With so many new updates, its […]

iPhone 11 Features: What To Know Before You Buy.

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a developers cave you’ve seen that Apple had there annual event yesterday , September 10th, where they revealed their new products and the new iPhone 11 features. But what are the important things to know before you buy. One thing that immediately stood out for people are the price points, […]

UCapture. Save Money. Save the Planet.

UCapture is one of the newest and most exciting start-ups on our radar. An Australian based start-up that, using their online partners and browser extension, enables you to reduce your carbon emissions by shopping online whilst automatically applying discount codes to your online shop. How It Works How It Creates Carbon Offset UCapture uses the […]

Password Boss: Our Recommended Password Manager

A password manager is one of the most modern and secure ways to protect your accounts from criminals, especially nowadays where the threats of data threats are dominating the subjects of every conversation. This is why it’s no surprise that more and more employees are running into “data breach fatigue”, and using easy to remember […]

3 Affordable Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Use

Social Influencers have become one of the most talked-about marketing channels in recent years, but not a lot of small businesses’ are including influencer marketing strategies in their plans. With their large followings on various social channels, these minor celebs are considered by their followers to be ‘experts’ in their fields. Whether it be a […]