Cybersecurity VOD April 2020

This cyber-security session is ideal for SMEs who want to train, educate and implement best cyber-security practice in their organisations. The amount of cyber attacks that occur within SME’s is ever-growing and is at it’s highest point ever. The attacks are getting more advanced and with some tips, case studies and background knowledge could prevent […]

How Does a Password Manager Work?

Password managers have been around for a few years now, and amid growing cybersecurity concerns and data protection, they are seeing a consistently increasing usage around the world. But why have they become a required element to a business? And how do they work to keep your data private, beyond just storing your passwords for […]

The 5-minute email security check

Your mailbox is often the front door that hackers come knocking at to get to your companies data. It is one of the most used systems within your company and may have been already compromised without your knowledge. Here is a 5-minute checklist you should run through on your mailbox at the start of every […]

The SME breach procedure

Last year a UK government report revealed that 32% of businesses identified cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the previous 12 months with the average cost tied to successful violations in financial and data losses, being at £4,180. These breaches occur fast, and you need to take the right steps from the start to ensure minimal […]

6 Ways To Protect Your Personal Data

Your data has become the most expensive commodity in the world. With phone credit card scams still on the rise, the latest threats to your data may feel slightly out of your control, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you have done everything you can to protect your data. Use strong […]

UCapture. Save Money. Save the Planet.

UCapture is one of the newest and most exciting start-ups on our radar. An Australian based start-up that, using their online partners and browser extension, enables you to reduce your carbon emissions by shopping online whilst automatically applying discount codes to your online shop. How It Works How It Creates Carbon Offset UCapture uses the […]