How SharePoint Promotes Collaboration

One secret ingredient to Team work and collaboration? SharePoint. We’ve gone through the main features and collaborative wonders of SharePoint. We discuss thoroughly here how SharePoint encourages and supports teamwork. Overview Employees can connect effectively with each other on SharePoint and its especially beneficial for organisations with geographically remote sites. SharePoint is a way to […]

Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint

Fact: over 200k organisations and 190million individuals have Microsoft SharePoint for Intranets, Team sites and content management. Here’s why… What is SharePoint? SharePoint is a content-management system providing tools for storage and collaboration within the network of an organisation. Any department within the company can access SharePoint and control their own security, work groups, documents […]

Introduction To Microsoft EM+S

Cyberthreat is ever evolving and becoming more sophisticated at that, so on-premise solutions cannot effectively protect sensitive data. This is where EM+S comes in. What is EM+S? EM+S (Enterprise Mobility + Security) provides one control panel in a cloud-based world for identity and device management, information protection and secure access. EMS provides an innovative approach […]

Office 365 vs. Gsuite

Following up our previous comparison from Office and Google mail and cloud storage, it’s time for the final overview: Office 365 or Google suite (Gsuite) for office productivity? So far, both offer almost the same productivity features and collaboration tools; however, if you look beneath the surface, you’ll see the unique differences between the two […]

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