What Should I Look for When Buying a PC?

Computers, laptops and other commercial technology have come leaps and bounds within recent years. The consistent competition between the market leaders for faster and smarter tech has brought us from simple calculation computers spanning the entirety of a room, to supercomputers small enough to fit in your pocket. However, no matter how fast things may […]

Google Pixel Review:

A More Personal Understanding In recent years, Google have tried to worm their way into the smartphone industry but have they always made a good job of it? The answer to that is; no, not really. Now don’t get me wrong, the string of Nexus phones were fantastic phones, the Nexus 6P sparked the real […]

Which Cloud Storage Service Is Right?

The way we store and transfer data has transformed enormously within our recent history, from floppy discs to USBs and now to the vast world of the cloud. In our always-online lives, we’ve become used to keeping everything that’s important to us on the ever-accessible cloud.  It seems inconvincible to us now that we used […]

An Innovative Step: Microsoft Dynamics 365

  What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will it help boost your business? The world’s leading IT company Microsoft launched their new product ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ an intelligent business application just last week and AccuWeather and TGI Friday’s are already implementing it to their business model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform designed to […]

What Is Clickbait? – Why people use it?

What is Clickbait? Every year in September a carefully selected group of words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary, words that have become so ingrained within our lexicon that they’ve earned the right to appear within the hallowed pages of the OED. Along with words such as scrumdiddlyumptious, Yoda-like and moobs is the inclusion […]

Cookies, In a Nutshell.

Cookies You’ve probably seen these pop up before. Most sites nowadays use cookies and unless you say otherwise, will take your continued browsing as consent to their use of cookies. I’m guilty of agreeing to every ‘terms and conditions’ just to avoid any delays or restrictions to purchasing an item. But what exactly am I […]

The Importance of Staff Profiles For Your Business

  It’s a task that most employees dread – writing a personal profile to appear on your company’s website. People always resist or simply refuse the daunting task of summing up their entire personality in a few snappy sentences. However, staff profiles are beneficial to your website, there’s suddenly a face behind the name, and […]

Importance of Annual Strategy Away Day Event

Our Annual Strategy Away Day  Event is the single most important team event of the year for our business, which is a rather bold statement, considering we hold at least 1 a month. But the SAD isn’t just any old team building exercise or a night at the pub, it’s a tool that every business […]

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, which is a decentralised digital currency based off of code. This highly encrypted code not only identifies each unique coin but also records it’s every transaction. The technology which makes this possible is called blockchain technology. Since the advent of Bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies have come on the scene, […]

Caring for your Computer

There are many ways in which you can prolong the life of your computer, however – cleaning your computer is by far the most efficient way of making a computer last longer. When cleaning your beloved computer, you to need to ask yourself a few questions. What it actually is: Laptop or Desktop? What are […]

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