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Lucidica – IT Support for Small Business You have reached Lucidica- an IT department of friendly engineers. We provide IT Support for businesses who are based in London as we realise you might not love technology as much as we do! We deal with anything from cloud & hosting to 24-hour IT support and much, […]

Apple iMac Fish Tank

Over the holiday season, Kristjan and I decided that we’d make a fish tank inside two iMacs and join them together with a 15cm diameter pipe. Don’t ask how we came up with this idea – like all the best things in life, it was a slow build up ideas over drinks. For the ‘build […]

Why we sponsored Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum has just lead his side to victory in the ODI series over World Champions Australia. The summer ahead holds the challenge of helping Middlesex to a victory in both short formats of the game. We’re a big supporter of Middlesex, we normally do the match ball sponsorship of Middlesex vs Surrey T20 and […]

The World’s Best Hot-Desking Environment

Desk space in London is not cheap, a desk in Shoreditch can carry a monthly premium of up to £450. As each of our desks had about 60% utilisation, there was a considerable cost saving to be had. So we decided to join the ever increasing trend and move to hot-desking. We could follow suit […]

Windows 10: First Impressions

Lucidica CTO Thomas Jeffs has been playing with the Windows 10 technical preview, and gives us his first impressions. For more information on Windows 10, head over to this week’s main article: What Is Windows 10? Finally I’m productive again… I like Windows 8, maybe one of the few, but I do like it. I especially like ESPN Cricket […]

The Lucidica Journey

How Did We Expand Our Business? Lucidica was founded in 2005 by Thomas Jeffs. Since then we’ve gone from a one-man-band to a team of 17. Including engineers, admin, business and development staff, digital marketers and an engineering apprentice. We’ve gone from looking after a handful of clients to 600 and some of them have […]

National Apprenticeship Week

This week it’s National Apprenticeship Week where individuals and businesses come together to celebrate the positive impact that apprenticeships have on them and the wider economy. The National Apprenticeship Service revealed figures that indicate apprenticeships are growing in popularity and the demand for apprenticeships is even higher. In fact, for every vacancy, there are on […]

Drones: Good or Bad?

With the recent announcement that Amazon are testing drones to deliver small packages within 30 minutes, we take a  look at the good and the bad and try to debunk some of the negativity of this technological advancement. We do love technology after all. What is a drone? A drone’s official name is Unmanned Aerial […]

How to Buy Bitcoin (and Litecoin)

Bitcoin is a virtual, unregulated currency that has been frequently mentioned in the media lately due to its sky-rocketing value. If you want to find out more about what it is then read our article here.. In the last couple of months Bitcoin’s value has increased tenfold and shows no sign of abating. So how do […]

Analysis and Forecasting – HR Round Up 2012

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed a lot of moving and shaking going on in the HR software industry. While mergers and acquisitions are always interesting for industry analysts, the most recent bout of activity – including the acquisitions of Rypple and SuccessFactors by Salesforce and SAP (respectively)–and now Taleo by Oracle–as […]

Top Tips on Saving Money on Your IT

With all the current gloom around finances in the world we thought it was time to refresh our ‘top tips on saving money on your IT’. Whether you’re suffering in the financial chaos, or weathering the storm, it’s always worth looking at where your IT spend is going and seeing what you can trim. Here are […]

Top 5 tips for a small business using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the FREE and very handy tool from Google.  It is really easy-to-use, powerful and in a short time allows you to extract great intelligence from the traffic hitting your site.  You can then change things in your marketing to get more traffic and of a higher quality (which often results in increased […]

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