How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

If you’re anything like us your phone is usually more loyal than your shadow. We check it first thing when we wake, read the news, glance through our emails. Then we head to work, drowning out the familiar public transport sounds with music or podcasts, maybe sending a text or two between tunnels. For the […]

Tips to Better Marketing in 2017

Can you believe it? It is actually 2017. Three years off the big futuristic 2020. While you are recovering from the Christmas period ( /eating your body weight in cheese boards and leftover dinners) we thought we would give you some top tips on how to market your business in 2017. Is marketing in 2017 […]

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Life moves fast. Time is short. There’s no industry that understands that more than the technology industry. This is why every device you’ve ever used has been designed to make it as easy as possible. Sometimes, though, these little tips and tricks that let us master our devices aren’t brilliantly obvious. So today, to help […]

10 Quick Fixes for a Slow Windows Computer

  Slow computers are one of world’s greatest frustrations. It always seems to happen when you are in a rush and simply need to pop onto your computer when you end up waiting ages just to do the simplest operation. But how do you go about fixing this? Most people think that the choices are […]

The Key to Using Outlook 2016

Our day to day life consists of many things including a lot of emails. It is estimated that around 205 billion emails are sent every day around the world. Whether we are reading them, writing them or deleting them we are using them. But how can we continue to use emails in our work/personal/retail life […]

IOS 10 Minus The Battery Problems

IOS 10,  Apples biggest ever system update. It comes with a huge development to iPhone Maps, artificial intelligence built into the keyboard, a redesigned lock screen widget and much, much more. Even CEO Tim Cook has described the update as “the mother of all releases”. But has this come at a cost? Have they really […]

5 Of The Most Common Computer Problems

  Ever experienced a computer problem so simple and generic that you don’t want to ask for help from fear of being laughed out of the room? Have no fear we have come up with a quick three step infographic on the five most common computer problems that we all face on a frequent basis. […]

3-2-1 Back Up

  Backing up is the thing we only think about when our computer crashes and we realise backing up our work wasn’t just something you do when you have a spare few hours. Backing up your data in the 3-2-1 way will not only keep your backups safe but they will back up your back […]

Caring for your Computer

There are many ways in which you can prolong the life of your computer, however – cleaning your computer is by far the most efficient way of making a computer last longer. When cleaning your beloved computer, you to need to ask yourself a few questions. What it actually is: Laptop or Desktop? What are […]

Blogging for Beginners

Creating engaging that drives traffic to your website is a difficult task. Content marketing is the new “black” when it comes to driving traffic. Even though ‘blogging’ has hit it big, most people don’t get what makes blogging so powerful, helpful, and beneficial for businesses’. It’s about attracting traffic rather than chasing it. Blogging is […]

PowerShell: How-To Guide

  So you’ve seen PowerShell, you’re excited! But you don’t know where to start? Well don’t fear, these top commands below are easy to get you started. Get-Help It might sound like an obvious question but reading the help section can always help you learn and understand about things when you first start out trying […]

How to Choose the Right Computer

Computers, laptops and other commercial technology have come leaps and bounds within recent years. The consistent competition between the market leaders for faster and smarter tech has brought us from simple calculation computers spanning the entirety of a room, to supercomputers small enough to fit in your pocket. However, no matter how fast things may […]

How to run Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine

Here’s a guide for you if you’re looking to try out Windows 10 without changing your current OS (Operating system). It works by launching it in a program instead. Now that Windows 10 has been released. Download it here instead   Windows 10 releases later this month, here’s how you can test it out on a virtual […]

How to Recover Deleted Data

We often have clients come to us about accidentally deleting a file they need so we wanted to create a guide on how to quickly recover deleted files and folders. If a deleted file or folder isn’t in the recycle bin it isn’t necessarily gone. Data is not deleted from the disk until it’s been overwritten (replaced by […]

How to: Upgrade your Laptop

Laptops, generally speaking, aren’t supposed to be upgraded. We would not advise you to buy a low-spec laptop with a view to upgrading it because it’s not that easy to do. They are not designed to be user-upgradeable in the first place. If you want a computer with top-notch specs that can be easily upgraded, […]

How to Buy Bitcoin (and Litecoin)

Bitcoin is a virtual, unregulated currency that has been frequently mentioned in the media lately due to its sky-rocketing value. If you want to find out more about what it is then read our article here.. In the last couple of months Bitcoin’s value has increased tenfold and shows no sign of abating. So how do […]

Which Cloud Storage Service Should I Use?

There are hundreds of cloud storage options available to internet denizens these days, and it can be hard to know where’s best to place your trust. As we’ve said before, the decentralised nature of the cloud is a bit of a double-edged sword. That said, there are plenty of reasons to invest in cloud storage, […]

Measuring Happiness in the Workplace

At Lucidica, one of our core values is fun. It might seem a little vague, havingsomething which isn’t very easy to measure as a core value, and managers often stop and ask “Is it really worth it”. We believe it is, and that employee happiness can lead to a more productive team member, one that […]

How To Know If a Website Is Secure

In 2012 the US and EU spent just under £500 billion on online shopping. Over 1 billion people log on to Facebook each month and share information. The average British worker send and receives 10,000 emails each year. We send and store so much information online every day that sometimes we take for granted how […]

How To Do Decent SEO

If you’ve read anything about SEO you’ll know that there are many methods you can use to push your site closer to that elusive first Google page. But this blog isn’t going to go through them all. It would take pages and pages to cover every trick, organically and artificially, and besides, it’s already been […]

How to get a job in IT support in London

It is no secret that it is harder than ever to get employed. With there being, on average, 300 applicants for every role in our company it is apparent that competition for employment in the IT support industry is fierce. With this in mind I decided to find out from Lucidica’s current employees and employers […]

Getting the most out of AdWords

Last week I ran a new seminar ‘Conversion Marketing; Ensuring a Return on Investment in Google AdWords’ at the truly great British Library IP Centre, despite having a slightly wordy title it was a veritable success. While all of the stats within your AdWords intertwine, they boil down to the most important one AdQuality. Google […]