Word of Mouth 2.0 : Still Important?

Word of mouth is massively underrated in so many businesses, big and small. We never go anywhere without checking the reviews first. Unless it comes highly recommended by a friend, we don’t set foot outside the office before Googling. Why go in blind when you could have the internet give you the insider knowledge? Back […]

How SEO Has Changed in 7 Years

Well before reading this article it is vital you read one of our older blogs, created nearly 7 years ago!! This is because in 2010 our founder, Thomas Jeffs, wrote a blog about how he made Lucidica get to the first page on Google for IT Support London. It took him an impressive 3 months […]

Learn from the 10 Best Social Media Fails

Although a good social media fail gives us so much joy and quite a few facepalm moments sometimes you do really have to wonder what people were thinking when they were posting. These fails have turned into massive marketing disasters and in social media, even years after, users never forget. Too politically incorrect advertising to […]

Top 7 tips on Email Marketing

  Email marketing has been described as outdated, ineffective and time-consuming. My opinion? They are just doing it wrong. Email marketing is a vital tool that so many companies do not utilise effectively. Despite the advancement in social media marketing- you are still 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than […]

The Secret to Good Links

  What is link building? Link building is the practice of engineering and building links from one website to another. In the case of a webpage, a link is a reference that a web user can click on directly to follow through to a different webpage In the context of SEO, per Google’s algorithm, every […]

Marketing on Social Media

Digital marketing has revolutionised the process of selling. It has meant that instead of your sales directly correlating to the standard of your TV/newspaper advert, it is now all about likes, follows and retweets. But how do you increase your social media presence in a way that doesn’t include investing in pay per likes or […]

Top Twitter Tips & Tricks

Twitter Tips & Tricks With 271 million active users across mobile and desktop, Twitter has a dedicated and loyal user base, that makes it the ideal platform to promote your business and interact with potential customers. Here are some quick Twitter tips to help accelerate your social media.  Connect with influencers You should know who […]

Twitter Campaigns

With a monthly user base of 236 million, and an influence that stretches far enough to play its part in revolutions, wrongful arrests and making famous people even more famous, Twitter undeniably has the reach to expose your business to millions of people. A quick way to reach out can be Ad campaigns. Dropping £10 can […]

How to use Facebook for Business

With social media pretty much the centre of the universe right now, you can be forgiven for thinking that a broad online presence will dramatically increase visits to your website. But in reality that’s not the case. It’s best to concentrate on two or three social media channels to really give yourself any chance of […]

5 Social Media Faux Pas

Almost everyone uses social media these days but not everyone who does gets it right. If your business is just starting out in the world of Twitter and Facebook, or you’re not getting many followers or much engagement, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here are five things you should not be doing on social media. […]

How to Increase your Twitter Following

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms that all businesses should use. It offers a great way to promote your business and interact with people who, potentially, could become customers. Below we’ve listed some sure-fire ways to increase your following. Content Though Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, posting good quality […]

Government VS. Google: Internet Surveillance

It is somewhat worrying just how much the government knows about us. Our every move is monitored and it’s a different but equally unpleasant Big Brother state that George Orwell imagined.  Every email, every text, every tweet and even our online gaming chats are recorded like transactions on a bank statement. Some people have expressed […]

How to Turn Fans and Followers into Customers

Accumulating followers on Twitter or Likes on Facebook is one thing, but how do you turn those followers and fans into customers? Social media is all about building relationships so below we’ve come up with some simple steps to help you get more sales from your online presence. Research, Learn and Identify It’s important to […]

Recovering From A Social Media Mistake

A couple of weeks ago we covered some of the most famous mistakes made on social media networks. Additionally there are hundreds of stories of social media controllers making the simple mistake of posting something inappropriate either in a moment of bad judgement, or more frequently when posting to the wrong account. Twitter in particular […]

Writing a Blog: 3 Vital Questions

It’s a proven fact that Google loves blogs; having one on your site will improve your page rankings and drive people to your pages. Always assuming that it’s properly optimised and enhanced by carefully selected and appropriate social media. But before you start to write your blog, you should be asking yourself some questions. Why […]

Increase Sales with Social Media

In this day and age, we have been coupled with technology to form an ultimate alliance – man and the machines. We use phones and computers more than we might like, but it is a marketing tool that cannot be excused by anyone. Whether you’re a small kitchen fitting business or a multi-national airline company, […]

The 5 Best Twitter tools

Are you getting the most out of your Twitter account? Whether you are using Twitter for business, pleasure, or both, there’s a high chance there are some fantastic tools which you are missing out on. Whether you struggle to keep all your social media sites up to date, want to see recommendations for who to […]

Maximise Your Marketing on Twitter

  Marketing today is very different to how it was ten years ago; marketers are told not to shout at their customers, but instead to engage with them and offer them value. Social media is also becoming increasingly central to marketing with talk of SMO (social media optimisation) being the next SEO. So how do […]

Is Inbound Marketing the New Way Forward?

Inbound marketing seems to have become increasingly popular within the business world. But what is inbound marketing? I believe that I should first quickly define the two key expressions I will be mentioning through this post. “Inbound marketing” is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers, letting the customers come to you and […]

Top Tips on Social Media for Business

  Social Media is now the #1 activity on the web overtaking pornography. Nearly every business has an online presence beyond that of it’s website, as WebCreations point out Social Media is not a fad it is a shift in the way we do business. Here we look at our top 6 tips for social […]

SEO for Beginners

Seeing as I came to Lucidica as an intern, with no experience in SEO, I thought I would write a blog on it and hopefully help other beginners to improve their Google rankings. I must admit, when I first started learning about SEO, it all seemed very overwhelming and incredibly in depth (which it is). […]