How to Write SEO Optimised Copy

How to Write SEO Optimised Copy for Your Website: Creating a website can be a long process which involves important choices that you have to make to get the best results. From everything from structure to branding colours there’s a lot of decisions to be made and this is by far the most time-consuming process […]

Word of Mouth 2.0 : Still Important?

Word of mouth is massively underrated in so many businesses, big and small. We never go anywhere without checking the reviews first. Unless it comes highly recommended by a friend, we don’t set foot outside the office before Googling. Why go in blind when you could have the internet give you the insider knowledge? Back […]

How SEO Has Changed in 7 Years

Well before reading this article it is vital you read one of our older blogs, created nearly 7 years ago!! This is because in 2010 our founder, Thomas Jeffs, wrote a blog about how he made Lucidica get to the first page on Google for IT Support London. It took him an impressive 3 months […]

Learn from the 10 Best Social Media Fails

Although a good social media fail gives us so much joy and quite a few facepalm moments sometimes you do really have to wonder what people were thinking when they were posting. These fails have turned into massive marketing disasters and in social media, even years after, users never forget. Too politically incorrect advertising to […]

Top 7 tips on Email Marketing

  Email marketing has been described as outdated, ineffective and time-consuming. My opinion? They are just doing it wrong. Email marketing is a vital tool that so many companies do not utilise effectively. Despite the advancement in social media marketing- you are still 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than […]

Learn Protecting Your Privacy on Social Media

Notions of privacy in the digital age are permanently up for debate. Some say it’s impossible to maintain privacy when everything is posted on Facebook; others say it’s up to the networks to afford us control over our content. Social networks like Ello have accepted the challenge of finding a new way, one that allows […]