We often have clients come to us about accidentally deleting a file they need so we wanted to create a guide on how to recover deleted data and folders.

If a deleted file or folder isn’t in the recycle bin it isn’t necessarily gone. Data is not deleted from the disk until it’s been overwritten (replaced by new data). Deleting data hides it from the GUI (interface) and allows it to be overwritten but until that happens you can still recover it.

There are a number of programs that aim to restore data, for this example we’ll use Recuva.

And attempt to save Jimmy.

how to recover deleted data






But first we must delete him.

how to recover deleted data

Recovery Steps: 

Step 1. Search Recuva in Google.


Step 2. Select the download you want. You can invest in the professional version if you prefer but the free version does the job.

how to recover deleted data


Step 3. Choose the location you want to download from and click download.


Step 4. An installer will download called ‘rcsetup152’, run it and set your preferences and click install.

how to recover deleted data


Step 5. At the end tick the box that says ‘Run Recuva’, navigate through the wizard putting in the necessary specifics to narrow your search.


Step 6. Once the scan has finished, locate your file and select recover.

how to recover deleted data

That’s it. You’re done!

how to recover deleted data


Note: The longer it’s been since the file was deleted the less chance it has of being recoverable. So begin this process as soon as possible after deletion.

You can check out our video tutorial here