So, we know already what SharePoint is and how we can use it. We also talked about how it promotes collaboration.

Now let’s discuss how we can use SharePoint as a CRM. Microsoft already offers a CRM system: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but why not integrate the both together?

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is CRM?

Just to refresh your mind, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategy designed for you to manage your customer interactions and relationships. A CRM system helps an organisation improves the management of customer details such as sales and marketing management, contact management- contact details, emails, calls, meeting notes and reporting.

Using a CRM system will:
– Increase efficiency and productivity as you’ll have an organised stored informational system about your clients.
– Improve communication between employees as they’ll have access to the same necessary data and documents.
– Improve reporting and data analysis as information is stored all in one place where it is easily accessible.
– Quickly locate information needed such as client information.

SharePoint vs. CRM

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform created to build and manage lists of unstructured data and documents, whereas CRM supports the relationships between structured data and documents. The main difference between the two is that CRM aids to model your business and can build relationships amongst the various data. There are many lists of data like contacts and opportunities within a CRM that Sharepoint could easily create, but in CRM, you set up lists with relationships.

SharePoint x CRM

If we look at the basic objectives of CRM and SharePoint and compare them together, you’ll be able to notice the many common features between the two, such as: team Collaboration, ability to present information in websites/ portals, search and business intelligence capabilities.

Individual strengths


• Captures structured business data (perfect for line-of-business applications)
• Synchronize and work offline with Outlook
• Easily create queries that span more than one table


• Capture unstructured data (documents and web content)
• Decentralized admin (individuals can administer their own content)
• Enterprise search through documents and web content

Integrating CRM into SharePoint

The differences between the two when integrated together completely compliment one another. By integrating CRM and SharePoint management, you can use SharePoint within your organisation to store and share documents and CRM data. In addition, you’ll be able to create and visualise reports through web-based dashboards and share workflow.

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