Innovate Her – Lucidica’s new exciting project for female entrepreneurs of East London

For some of our readers, we have very good news for you. It will surely help beat the winter chill that we have started to experience lately.

If you are a female entrepreneur trading in Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets boroughs in East London, read on! You are very lucky because you now have an opportunity to be part of Innovate Her project, which is an European Regional Development Fund programme run by Tower Hamlets College and Women’s Business Centre at Newham College.

It is designed to help female entrepreneurs get more innovative in their business endeavours by providing free technology seminars and networking opportunities.

Imagine learning how to effectively use SEO techniques, Google Adwords, Social Media platforms, and Email marketing techniques to boost your profits, while networking with other successful female entrepreneurs in your area at NO COST AT ALL!

Now, you have the opportunity to do just that!

Lucidica, as you should already know, has been delivering technology seminars at the British Library for the last couple of years. (For example, we have a 4-hour SEO seminar on the 2nd of November at the British Library. If you want the last few remaining tickets, please register online here) As an expert in the field of Information Technology and online marketing, we will be delivering great performances again in this inspiring project!

The seminars are 2 hours long and are held on an afternoon or evening, with a 1 hour break in between seminars.  You can book on as many seminars as you like.  Each seminar has at least an hour presentation then a further hour for question time and networking among attendees.

There are various dates from November onwards, the first seminar starting on Thursday 11 November.  For the course outlines, please click here

I look forward to seeing you there!

Lucidica hosts many seminars helping small businesses with their marketing strategy.