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Technology should assist your business in growing and support your business straight from the get-go. It should not prohibit growth and make the simplest jobs time consuming due to load speed, crashing, memory or just the applications it supports.

What do we offer?

We offer affordable IT support solutions for small businesses that can change and adapt to encourage and support the growth of your business. Starting a business involves a lot of outgoings and we know how important it is for your balance sheet to look positive. We offer a selection of packages and finance plans, so you can buy the right technology and support for your business and pay for it in the way that suits you and your business.

We still consider ourselves a SME and we work in a building full of small businesses from one-man bands to established companies so it’s true that we surround ourselves within this community. We are also a corporate partner of the British Library Business and IP centre and part of the Accelerator Big Ideas Challenge which encourages people to develop their business plan and start a business.

From IT support packages to Web Development, we offer packages bespoke for start-ups, creating an affordable solution that allow growth. Please see our services below:

Our Services

IT Support Contracts

Keep Learning

We offer tailored IT support packages customised for your small businesses.

Managed Services

Build the team

Purchase licensing and cloud services through us and improve your small businesses productivity and accessibility.

Product Purchasing & Setup

Love change

Save time and money by letting us buy and set up products for you. We can advise, purchase and prepare and install them in your small business.

Web Hosting & Development

Earn trust

You don’t have to hire an in-house web developer or spend your time learning how to do it. Make your website look and function like you want and get your customers to come straight to you.

Sharepoint & Crms

Have fun

Create a bespoke portal which really caters to your small business needs and helps everyone access the details they need to do their job.

Digital Marketing

Keep on growing

Let us tweet, post, blog for you and tick another job off the to do list! We will learn about your small business, the branding and your “voice” and create marketing collateral that works with that.

Get in touch with us

We are a non-industry specific IT company but we have copious amount of experience and partners who work solely in the start-up field so we know our stuff and will can give you advice on more than IT support where we can!

Get in touch or feel out our quote form to see how we can support your start-up.


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