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The main components of a business’s IT setup are computers, laptops and various hardware items that are essential for a business to function. We know that it is all too easy to jump on Amazon and get the latest technology in a click of a button and receive it the next day. However, we’ve found from experience that normally isn’t the best idea unless you are up to date with all the latest tech developments, hardware and software knowledge and are able to pick an affordable product that also has long term benefits.

So why get products from us?

Products Advice

Our Products team are in the know about all the latest tech developments and will ask all the right questions to ensure that the product we recommend is the best for your business. Aiming to find out about the purpose of the item and the requirements he will advise, purchase and setup for a competitive price.


Warranty is something that is sometimes overlooked in buying a product especially when the focus is on price. We purchase and recommend 3 year warranty as standard, but can always offer an extended memory especially with servers.

Affordable & based
on your business

We are not driven by selling top of the line products to every single person but instead we find the perfect solution for each person based on their circumstances and business situation. We even off refurbished products which are as good as new but discounted. As an official Microsoft Refurbisher we ensure all equipment we sell is fit for use.


Once you’ve purchased your products with us, we don’t just install and leave. We can sign up your Hardware to our internal system and keep you in the loop about all your hardware including it’s warranty, space and state of the equipment. As when an old computer dies it is likely to have 1-2 days of downtime when you either fix or purchase a new computer. It is our responsibility to prevent these scenarios. Even if one of our clients doesn't purchase new equipment, we like to make long term plans to replace hardware. Other equipment like printers, routers, switches are less likely to fail but they still need to be replaced regularly to prevent bottlenecks and time wasting.

Not Exclusive
to Clients

A lot of our competitors only sell IT equipment to their current support clients meaning that if you are a small business who does not have a current IT supplier or whose IT supplier does not provide product purchasing and refurbishment then you are limited. However, we sell products to anyone based in England, existing client or not. However, it is important to note that if you are an existing client you have a larger choice in payment options.

Delivery and Set-up

- We can include delivery and set up in the project cost so that when we deliver your hardware it can be used immediately meaning no downtime for you and your business


We can supply you with...

  • Mobile phones
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Cabling
  • UPSs
  • Cabinets
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Macs
  • Printers
  • NASs
  • Hard Drives

We work with a variety of different manufacturers and suppliers and have ongoing partnerships to get you the best prices.
In terms of manufactures that we recommend – Apple, Dell, MiktroTik, Ubiquiti and Samsung are to list a few

Refurbished products

We are a Certified Microsoft Refurbisher meaning we can recycle and refurbish Microsoft products. This provides so many benefits including but not exclusive to;

  • 1. Providing our customers with great value products
  • 2. Reducing e-waste worldwide
  • 3. Refurbished technology goes through rigorous testing so high quality is guaranteed.

The Process

it support contracts
it support contracts
it support contracts
it support contracts
it support contracts
it support contracts
  • Get in touch and let us know what you want
  • We will call you finding out more information about what you are looking for
  • Send you an email recommending specific products and spec with pricing
  • Confirm product
  • We purchase and inform you of the date of delivery
  • Deliver, Set-Up & let you enjoy your new product!

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